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Technology Infrastructure and Network Infrastructure Solutions

We have never placed more pressure on the network infrastructure as we do today, but many IT staffs are overburdened as it is. The last thing your team needs is to go back and forth with a vendor to get a problem solved, especially when you’re experiencing a technological issue with your network infrastructure solutions.

There are many things to consider when you are choosing a network infrastructure and technology infrastructure solution:

  • How much you should invest in your infrastructure
  • Whether you should choose a CapEx or OpEx model
  • What underlying systems will serve you the best and have the best longevity in technology that constantly evolves

Our job at CA Communications is to help you walk through this process and understand what you need from your technology infrastructure, get to the core of your issues to find the best solution, provide the best option for you, and demand the best vendor service on your behalf.

Business Cable Services provide companies with robust solutions for phone, internet, Ethernet, and cable television networks. Cable technology and infrastructure provides tremendous bandwidth-for-the-buck when compared to traditional carriers, utilizing advanced HFC (hybrid fiber coax) networks. In addition, the reliability of cable networks is unparalleled when compared to similar solutions.


Maintaining robust and reliable Internet connectivity is crucial for your business productivity and collaboration. Whether one location or many, cable solutions provide businesses one network for Internet access over dedicated fiber or coax networks, with bandwidth options up to 10Gb. As fast, scalable, and secure large-capacity Internet solutions become a requirement more than a luxury, cable Internet services are a leader in both technology and capability.

Network Services

Cable Ethernet services provide organizations the high-capacity, high-bandwidth, and high-speed access and management features they need to excel while operating in a reliable and secure environment. Cable is an excellent option for companies with multiple locations as it provides seamless, secure access for remote employees to access applications and services efficiently.


Cable company networks today provide much more than just television and data services. Cable offers some of the most cost-effective and reliable telephone and voice solutions on the market. Cable-powered PRI provides multi-line, high-capacity ISDN voice trunks, while SIP trunks allow businesses to utilize VoIP solutions while utilizing their current phones.

Bundled Services

When business cable services are bundled, companies save big money. More importantly, cable service bundling allows businesses to reduce the complexity of their services and streamline network processes.