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Hardware Services

December 5th, 2015 by admin

Already have adequate telecommunication systems in place? CA Communications can service and provide technical support for your legacy telecommunications platforms from all of the leading manufacturers (Toshiba, Cisco, Nortel, NEC, and many more). Given the scale of our network (1,300 firms, 10,000 qualified technicians), we can service any system, anywhere, anytime.

We provide support on an on-call basis, either during business hours or on an emergency basis, or on set Hardware Service Plans. These service agreements start at a nominal price and include free or discounted service and support in addition to a host of further benefits. They're the best value in the industry and only made possible by CA's vast (and unique) network of partner organizations around the country. 

Call or email today for details on CA's Bronze, Silver, and gold packages.

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