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In Case of an Emergency: Cloud vs. On-Premise

August 15th, 2019 by admin


A disaster can strike at any time, at CA Communications, Inc. we make it our mission to ensure that your business keeps going no matter what and that you don’t run the risk of losing business during a time of an outage, inclement weather, fire or catastrophe. Whether your business is in the cloud or on-premise, we have the solution to keep your business from ever being affected by an outage.

Recovery and backup are different depending on whether your systems are on-premise or in the cloud. Obviously, systems in the cloud offer more ease and simplicity when it comes time for recovering lost data, but both on-prem and cloud have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to disaster recovery.


  • Advantages of recovering a cloud system is that the system is not centralized, all of the data and servers are located in remote data centers usually nowhere around the location of the business. Backups on the server are completed often as every 15 minutes and require very little time to recover everything back.
  • Disadvantages of disaster recovery on a cloud system are if internet connectivity is lost, recovery can't happen, so waiting on internet connection may prolong the interruption in business functions and operations.


  • Advantages of recovery on an on-premise system are that if the internet were to go out during an outage, bad weather, or any other problem, recovery is not affected and data is accessible with the use of the internet. Servers are located in the same area as the business or on-premise, so IT has better overall control over the data through your onsite servers.
  • Disadvantages of recovery on an on-premise system are that in the case of a fire, or disaster that would affect your building, servers may get damaged, increasing the chance of complete data loss. Higher costs associated with the upkeep of the systems and there is no guaranteed up-time, which can prolong downtime in the case of a disaster.

We offer business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, no matter what system you have. Contact us to learn more about how we can keep your business away from disaster.

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