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Increase Communication and Collaboration with Unified Communications

June 17th, 2020 by admin

A man working from using using a laptop and a headset

Now that your employees are working from home, collaboration and communication can become more difficult. For business operations to continue running smoothly, your employees need tools at their disposal. At CA Communications, we understand this need, and that is why we offer Unified Communications (UC) to empower your remote workforce. There are numerous benefits to utilizing UC software.

Improved Productivity

Your business will have the ability to route calls to wherever your employees are working. Whether that is an office phone, mobile, or softphone, you will reduce the likelihood of missing an important call. This feature is critically important with your employees working from home. Any missed calls could lead to reduced revenue and the appearance of less than satisfactory customer service.

Better Customer Service

Since you can route calls to wherever you are, you will always have the ability to answer any important calls. Additionally, you can set up a hierarchy to have the request forwarded to the next best-qualified person if you are unable to answer phone calls. This will ensure your business is providing the best customer service possible.

Additionally, UC software has presence monitoring, so you will be able to see who is available at any given time. This feature increases customer service as well as increases productivity.


Our UC software has instant messaging features as well as video conferencing. Since employees are out of the office, not having face-to-face conversations can create information gaps within your company. Video conferencing allows for more personal interactions to occur, which can help morale. Additionally, video conferencing can increase productivity and efficiency by enabling clear communication.

If you need to have quick chats, the instant messaging feature is ideal. You can see if the person you need to contact is present and send off a quick message or question, further increasing productivity.

At CA Communications, we want to ensure your company has all of the tools to be successful and productive. Giving your employees the tools they need to collaborate and efficiently communicate provides immense value to your company's continued success. Contact us to learn more about our UC solution and how it can benefit your business.

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