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Centralized and Unified Communications

May 9th, 2017 by admin

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Turn your TV on to any recent drama show, chick flick, teen movie, or anything featuring 20-something and count the number of ways people communicate with each other. Landlines, video-chat, smartphones, email, online chat, tablets, speech-to-text, social media, etc. - the list is constantly increasing. Some businesses even still use faxes and pagers. Aren't you tired of having to sort through too many different devices and applications to find a message from someone? You might remember that Bob from HR gave you a deadline for an assignment, but you can't remember if it was over email, in a voicemail, or over the company chat system. With unified communications, you would be able to quickly find all communications from Bob.

We want you and your colleagues to collaborate even better as technology advances - not struggle with keeping on top of all the different ways to communicate. CA Communications can help you centralize your messaging, fax, voicemail, email, and phone system to streamline communications. Enjoy increased mobility with the ability to access everything from your own smartphone, anywhere you go. Want to speak face-to-face? There's no need to install yet another program for your IT team to manage. Just use the video-conferencing application with your unified communication solution, allowing remote workers to join in with meetings and collaboration on-site. Stop playing phone tag with colleagues by checking their online status for availability. Don't let all of these technologies ruin your efficiency. Let CA Communications assess your current IT infrastructure and make recommendations to stream-line and improve your communication system.

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