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Eight Reasons to Adopt SIP Trunking

September 8th, 2014 by admin

David Case of Toshiba breaks down the advantages of SIP trunking:

  1. Dramatically lower long-distance and toll-free charges Thanks to SIP trunking among carriers (said to be in the carrier “cloud”), calls to local or toll-free numbers can be automatically routed to other locations, such as a central call center or headquarters, over the IP network instead of the public telephone network.
  2. More efficient use of available bandwidth With traditional ISDN trunks, channels are configured for either voice or data, and neither one can help out the other. Spare capacity sits unused. While SIP borrows the term “trunk” from the traditional telephony world, a SIP trunk is a virtual channel, set up and taken down as needed. As a result, bandwidth on the broadband access connection is available for data/Internet whenever it isn’t needed for voice.
  3. Extra call capacity available on demand With traditional phone trunks, businesses have had to contract with the carrier to acquire more lines than they need day-to-day just to be sure extra capacity is available to meet seasonal or periodic high call volume, such as the surge in calls a school might experience on a rare snow day. A VoIP service provider/carrier has the ability to offer access to additional phone lines (SIP channels) as needed. With line/channel bursting, the provider allows the business to burst above the number of lines being paid for on a monthly basis to meet those occasional surges in call volume. There’s no need to over-provision lines just to accommodate unexpected and temporary peaks.
  4. Control over the company name displayed with outgoing calls. With legacy phone systems, the phone company dictates the company name and only allows one business name per account. VoIP SIP trunks enable you to control the name(s) on your channels (phone lines) that will be broadcast with outbound calls. You can even display the names of different business units from one office trunk group, such as “ABC Corp Sales,” “ABC Corp Service," etc.

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