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Reasons to Consider a Cloud-Based Phone Solution

July 19th, 2014 by admin

On the Toshiba blog, David Case lists several reasons why you might make the switch to cloud-based communications for your business:

  1. Save big on capital expenditures. With cloud-based VoIP, the brains of the telephone system are in a service provider’s data center. All you need on site are the end-user devices and the networking to connect to the provider. You can get up and running with a cloud solution for a fraction of the start-up cost of an on-premises system. Save that capital cash for other, more beneficial uses instead of tying it up in phone system hardware.
  2. Budget and save money on fixed monthly expenses. Simply pay an easy-to-budget monthly service fee based on the number of seats and the calling plan. Calling plans typically include unlimited free local and long-distance minutes, or free minutes up to a certain threshold with calls beyond that (and international calls) charged on a per-minute basis.
  3. Eliminate budget surprises. There are no added costs for annual software maintenance contracts, software upgrades and other system support requirements. No more cost, headache and downtime of paying someone to service the phone system server and update system software. And there are no unexpected expenses for replacing or repairing aging or obsolescent equipment. The cloud service provider takes care of all of that.
  4. Reduce the overall cost of business communications. In addition to minimizing (or eliminating) costs for system acquisition and administration, you also do away with the cost of office space and energy to house, protect, and power the phone system. And you further reduce network costs by running voice and data on the same IP infrastructure and the same trunk connection to the service provider.
  5. Get enterprise-class functionality at a business-friendly price. Choose a solution that delivers such capabilities as advanced call processing, voice mail with unified messaging, unified communications, and the ability to use a PC or laptop as a multi-purpose communications hub. Since the cloud makes high-end capabilities affordable, any business can present an enterprise persona to the public and compete on a par with much larger organizations.

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