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When Your Internet Connection Is on the Fritz... Again

May 22nd, 2018 by admin

Man yelling and clenching hands in frustration

Twenty years ago, we would have been amazed at the connection speeds that today's internet providers can guarantee. Now that so many applications, emails, data transfers, calculations, cloud solutions, and communications are all running the same router, many older systems can't handle the load anymore. This leads to spotty connections and outages. Anytime this goes longer than a few minutes, you can feel the panic and frustration racing through the building. Sure, many systems can run without issues locally. That said, the cost of having your employees sitting around without the ability to work effectively should make you think.

Your team at CA Communications offers comprehensive support for your connectivity concerns. We check the current contract with your service providers, including pricing and whether they are delivering as promised. Then we review your internet speed and performance, comparing it to your business needs. We don't just throw a new router at the system – to achieve the best connectivity it's important to look at the infrastructure behind everything. From cabling to servers, we analyze the capabilities of your current systems and make recommendations based on the speed you need. This can depend heavily on the internet usage during the busiest work hours, as well as the size of data transferred or streamed on a regular basis. If you're still relying on an old cabling system, we might recommend a new fiber or coax network to facilitate good performance for years to come.

You need to be able to depend on your connection to work when you need it. That's where CA Communications comes in. We are your trusted partner for reliable, high-performance connectivity. Learn more today about our services…

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